Where Can I Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

This is kind of a funny question, because you’re actually currently inside an electronic cigarette store. That said, let me give you some info regarding the many places where you can purchase them.


This is an electronic cigarette store. I work for several e-cig manufacturers as a contractor marketer. I basically advertise their products for commission. I just happen to also use e-cigs myself. In fact, my personal choice is V2 Cigs because it’s ridiculously cheap, though I recommend South Beach Smoke.


Practically every mall contains an e-cig kiosk where you can try and purchase one. Individuals known as wholesale retailers purchase bulk quantities of e-ciggies from major brands like Green Smoke and Blu Cigs. They then sell them at the mall for a marked-up price.

Flea Markets

Many of the same distributors at the mall also set up shop at flea markets. The benefit of the flea market approach is that the sellers are usually more open to the idea of you actually trying out the cig first before purchase. Other than that, it’s the same thing.

Gas Stations

Gas stations owners do the same thing as mall and flea market distributors, but they usually sell only low-quality, disposable ones. The advantage here is you can try a brand for as little $9.99, though you’ll have to buy a starter kit if you want to continue with it.

Which One Should I Choose?

It depends. If you want something in your hands here and now, then scour your local malls, fleak markets and gas stations. If you’re willing to wait and invest in an electronic cigarette shipped directly from the manufacturer, then browse this site!

Check out our recommended beginner brand, Green Smoke, or check out our official E-Cigarette Guide.

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