Electronic Cigarette Safety Concerns

Switching from an icky tobacco cigarette to an electronic cigarette is the best thing a smoker can do for himself or herself. However, the potential safety concerns keep most from ever giving it a try. So let’s go over those concerns today.

Can It Cause Lung Cancer?

It contains zero tar. Also missing are the 4000 carcinogenic chemicals linked to chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. So since no cancer-causing agents are present, it cannot lead to lung cancer.

Is The ‘Smoke’ Dangerous?

An electronic cig heats liquid nicotine into a water vapor that you then inhale like smoke. Not only does this vapor have no odor whatsoever, but it also boasts zero cancer-causing carcinogens.

Is It Addictive?

It has nicotine, and it just happens that nicotine itself is what’s responsible for the addiction experienced by smokers. However, it’s the difference between getting your nicotine with poison and just getting your nicotine.

Can It Cause A Heart Attack?

Nicotine constricts the arteries, which places pressure on the heart. The key is to moderate your ‘vaping’ and live better by regularly exercising, eating nutritious foods and keeping in touch with your doctor.

Does The Brand I Choose Matter?

Absolutely. The market is littered with garbage. As a general rule, avoid buying the cheap junk at the gas station and instead invest in a high-quality and reputable brand with rave reviews.

Check out our recommended beginner brand, Green Smoke, or check out our official E-Cigarette Guide.

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