Electronics Cigarettes Vs Nicotine Patches

Electronic cigarettes are far more effective nicotine patches, and the facts prove it! Another added factor is that I myself quit with e-cigs after years of failing with patches.

The Annoying Itch

Nicotine patches are not only expensive, but they’re also equally annoying. The basis behind them is that your skin gradually absorbs nicotine into your body. The problem is this absorption creates an extremely annoying itch/rash that’ll leave you wanting to scratch yourself all day long.

The Overdose Factor

Its remarkably easy to overdose on nicotine from a patch. The average pack holds only 10mg or so of nicotine. Patches, on the other hand, carry up to 24mg, which is a lot. The risk grows exponentially worse for those who continue smoking cigarettes while on the patch.

Negatives Be Gone

E-cigs suffer from none of the negatives of patches. They don’t irritate your skin, they won’t make you sick and they don’t cost bundles of dough. To literally overdose on an e-cig, you’d have to smoke anywhere from 3 to 5 cartridges within one hour.

Facts For E-Cigs

A study conducted in 2009 discovered that 45% of 349 South African cigarette smokers who tried e-cigarettes were able to completely quit smoking altogether within 2 months. 6% quit smoking after two weeks, and by the second month, the rate had risen to almost 50%.

Facts Against Patches

These rates greatly differ from a 2002 study in which only 19% of smokers who used nicotine patches were able to quit within six weeks, which is approximately 3/4 of 2 months. By doing some math, we can estimate the two-month rate to be 25%, which is 20% less than the rate of smokers who quit with electronic cigarettes.


The reason e-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches, as well as other pseudo alternatives, is because it is almost a picture-perfect imitation of a real cigarette. It produces a smoke-like vapor, it allows a user to inhale and exhale, and it takes care of a user’s nicotine craving. A nicotine patch, on the other hand, just provides the latter.

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